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How-to DVD Volume 5 - Sale!

Model Trains Video: Buy How-to Volume 5 on DVD

Model trains video - How-to Volume 5 - Scenery and bridges - Part 2
Volume 5 estimated running time will be approx. 70 minutes (plus 15 minutes of special features). This model train video uses a 16:9 cinematic widescreen format and digital dolby sound to give the material a rich "you are there" quality.
Price: $29.95  $14.95 (50% off)

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Volume 5 — more information:


Chapters included on Model Train Video volume 5

Chapter 8: Modeling water effectively

Nothing adds life to your layout like modeling rivers, lakes and other bodies of water effectively. Expert modeler Joe Fugate shows you the ropes on how to add streams, rivers, and lakes to your layout using simple but clever techniques that yield breathtaking results. (1-2-3)

Chapter 9: Track ballasting and weathering

When running trains you spend a lot of time looking at the trains and track -- if you have realistically ballasted and weathered track, running trains becomes a lot more fun! Joe Fugate shows you powerful techniques to get ballasted and weathered track that looks simply outstanding (1-2-3)

Chapter 10: Hints and tips on bridge installation

Installing model bridges is one of the great mysteries in the hobby that's seldom discussed. This video segment shows you how to install a small trestle bridge step-by-step. Many of the techniques can be applied to any bridge installation on your layout. (hints/tips)
Installing a tunnel portal

Chapter 11: Hints and tips on tunnel installation

Installing a tunnel portal and realistic lining is a hobby topic that's seldom mentioned. This video segment shows you how to install a tunnel and realistic lining step-by-step. Many of the techniques can be applied to any tunnel installation on your layout. (hints/tips)

Chapter 12: From the ground up - realistic tall grass

Tall grass is the one thing that can absolutely transform the realism of your scenery if modeled correctly. Joe Fugate shows how to break out of the 'ground foam for everything' rut and easily model absolutely stunning tall grassy areas on your layout. (1-2-3)

Chapter 13: From the ground up - bushes and ground cover

Now that you have your basic rough scenery form in place, it's time to work from the ground up adding details. This segment shows how to add the bushes and other basic ground cover -- forming a great foundation for further details like trees and structures. (1-2-3)

Chapter 14: From the ground up - realistic deciduous trees made fast

Learn to make great looking deciduous trees in record time with this how-to video segment. See the complete tree building process demonstrated step-by-step and learn expert secrets for quickly making hardwood trees for your layout that get oo's and ah's from your visitors. (1-2-3)

Chapter 15: From the ground up - realistic conifer trees made fast

Getting good looking conifer trees in model scenery has been labor-intensive at best. Not any longer -- learn fast and easy techniques for making forests of fantastic looking evergreen trees for your layout. Joe Fugate demonstrates the process step-by-step in this segment. (1-2-3)