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Model Railroad DVD Volume 2 - Sale!

Model Trains Video: Buy Model Railroad Volume 2 on DVD

Model Railroad Volume 2 - Design & construction
Model Railroad Volume 2 running time is 76 minutes (plus 6 minutes of special feature footage). This model train video is 16:9 cinematic widescreen format and digital dolby sound to give the material a rich "you are there" quality.
Price: $29.95  $14.95 (50% off)

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Volume 2 — more information:


Chapters included on this Model Train Video DVD

Getting the most satisfying model railroad design (Chapter 1 - video 2)

Chapter 1: Getting the most satisfying model railroad design

Joe Fugate discusses how he ended up modeling the SP railroad and what he sees as the secret to getting the most satisfying model railroad layout design possible. Opens with a dramatic new train scene at King Creek on his HO scale Siskiyou Line railroad. (concepts, hints/tips)

Chapter 2: Model Railroad Layout planning options on computer

Want to plan your model train layout on computer? Joe Fugate reviews how he designed his Siskiyou Line model railroad track plan on computer in the 90s, and how he'd approach it today using the latest software. Includes many tips for good layout design whether using a high-tech computer or good ol' paper and pencil. (concepts, hints/tips)

Chapter 3: Multideck model railroad layout design issues

One way to get more model train layout is to multideck it. But multideck design can be tricky: how much separation between decks is best? How wide should the decks be and allow seeing all the lower deck? Joe Fugate tackles the tough multideck questions, helping your multideck model railroad design be the best it can be. (concepts, hints/tips)

Chapter 4a: Model Railroad Mushroom benchwork construction

The ultimate multideck model railroad layout configuration today is the 'mushroom'. Using a 3D fly-through computer model of his model railroad, Joe Fugate describes how the mushroom gives a multideck train layout that looks single-decked. You can see for yourself how it all works, thanks to the 3D graphical magic of modern computers. (hints/tips)

Chapter 4b: Model Railroad Mushrooom raised floor construction

Continuing the 3D computer model approach pioneered in the model railroad mushroom benchwork construction how-to, Joe Fugate describes how a mushroom train layout's raised floor is constructed. Since a raised floor must support people, its construction must be solid and well executed, as this chapter demonstrates. (hints/tips)

Chapter 5: Incandescent model railroad layout lighting that runs cool

Do you want to light your model train layout inexpensively, have it run cool, and be dimable for night running of trains? If so, then this how-to segment is for you. We go beyond theory in this chapter to show you an actual example of cool incandescent lighting that is fully dimable, and won't break the bank. (concepts, hints/tips)

Chapter 6: Hardboard spline model railroad roadbed construction

Using spline roadbed on your model train layout can save you money and give you a beautiful flowing roadbed alignment almost automatically. Joe Fugate shows in detail how you can build model railroad spline roadbed from 1/4' hardboard in this step-by-step how to video segment. (hints/tips, 1-2-3)

Chapter 7: Laying model train flex track with latex caulk

If you want to learn a quick and easy method for laying model railroad flex track, then laying track with latex caulk is for you. This how-to segment covers the entire latex caulk track laying process step-by-step, showing you how to get smooth flowing railroad track every time. (hints/tips, 1-2-3)