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.Dream & Design

.Benchwork & Roadbed

.Track & Electrical/DCC

.Scenery & Structures

.Locos & Rolling Stock

.Operation & Maint.

Posted by Joe Fugate
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Benchwork & Roadbed

With your layout concept and trackplan well in hand, it's time to proceed to benchwork and roadbed construction. We provide expert benchwork examples, to help ensure you erect a solid skeletal structure to build upon for the rest of your layout. And for your layout's roadbed, we give you expert help to get your all-important track foundation right the first time.

Many of the video shorts in this section reveal lesser-known expert layout construction techniques, covering numerous tips, clever hints, and step-by-step demonstrations. We make sure to get the camera in close to "where the action is" during the demonstrations - even ultra-close up, so you can clearly see all the details of the technique just as if you were there, in person, at the expert's side.

We pull out the stops in our presentation of the benchwork structure by including advanced 3D computer models to show you how things go together stick-by-stick. And we anchor it all by looking at real-life finished layout benchwork and roadbed. You will be able to clearly see - in advance, exactly what you're going to end up with.

Benchwork & roadbed video short topics

Mushroom benchwork construction (Chapter 4a - DVD 2)

The ultimate multideck layout configuration today is the "mushroom". Using a 3D fly-through computer model, Joe Fugate describes how the mushroom gives a multideck layout that looks single-decked. You can see for yourself how it all works, thanks to the 3D graphical magic of modern computers. (hints/tips)

Mushrooom raised floor construction (Chapter 4b - DVD 2)

Continuing the 3D computer model approach pioneered in the mushroom benchwork construction how-to, Joe Fugate describes how a mushroom raised floor is constructed. Since a raised floor must support people, its construction must be solid and well executed, as this chapter demonstrates. (hints/tips)

Incandescent layout lighting that runs cool (Chapter 5 - DVD 2)

Do you want to light your layout inexpensively, have it run cool, and be dimable for night running? If so, then this how-to segment is for you. We go beyond theory in this chapter to show you an actual example of cool running incandescent lighting that is fully dimable, and won't break the bank.? (concepts, hints/tips)

Hardboard spline roadbed construction (Chapter 6 - DVD 2)

Using spline roadbed on your layout can save you money and give you a beautiful flowing roadbed alignment almost automatically. Joe Fugate shows in detail how you can build spline roadbed from 1/4" hardboard in this step-by-step how to video segment.? (hints/tips, 1-2-3)

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Checked with Home Depot today for a price on the Leviton porcelain light fixtures mentioned in Video #2. Had a bit of a shock. In the video, Joe says they can be purchased at Home Depot for "around #3.00". Not any more. According to their website, they now cost between $13 and $14 dollars. I'll opt for the plastic ones at $1.56. I guess that's progress!!!

06 May : 09:38


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